CEO Guardian

Hong Kong


About Galton Voysey

Some stories just need to be told. Galton Voysey was founded with one mission in mind – connecting the world’s hidden talent with discerning, quality conscious shoppers.

Its 26 specialists sit at the center of a 400+ strong network of entrepreneurs, craftsmen, designers, quality control specialists, logistics experts, regulatory advisors and marketing agencies. Galton Voysey acquires and develops timeless brands leveraging the power of social media and data. The company has a portfolio of 6 core brands and 22 that are in the seed investment stage. The brands house a wide range of product categories, the largest being Japanese steel chef’s knives, jewelry, leather goods and handcrafted rustic furniture.

Are you curious to know what does a CEO Guardian do?

A CEO Guardian has superpowers.

Working as a CEO Guardian, no two days will be the same.

Your mission will be to support our CEO to run the business in the most effective way possible.

The CEO Guardian is a problem-solver, a facilitator, a strategic advisor, a productivity wizard and much more.

Your tasks will be varied, from joining financial discussions to choosing the perfect gift for an employee who passed their trial period.

Working close to the management team, you will gain an invaluable insight into how a fast growing company functions.



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